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Big concepts are under the foam of the beer

© 2014 Eduardo del Fraile    

Eduardo del Fraile 2014 Photo Pablo Ferao


Serifalis, Gexto, 2014

We Made is Toronto, Canada 2013

We Made is Montreal, Canada 2013

Empack Madrid, Spain 2013

Mood Festival, Murcia, Spain 2012

EASD Valencia, Spain 2011

Empack Barcelona, Spain 2012

Elisava School Barcelona, Spain 2011

Festival OFFF On Tour Madrid, Spain 2011

FID Festival Costa Rica , San Jose, Costa Rica 2012

Escuela de Marketing La Rioja, Spain

Design School Murcia, Spain 2012/2008

Mr. Marcel School, Madrid, Spain 2012

Wine Labels Conference Index Book, BARCELONA, Spain 2011

Blanc Festival Girona, Spain 2012

Escola MUUU, Spain 2012

School of Design La Rioja, Spain 2012

Diseño 10, San Jose, Costa Rica 2011

Blanc Festival, Vilanova, Spain 2012

Avery Dennyson & Campo Viejo, La Rioja, Spain

Motiva Avilés Spain 2010

Santiago Diseño Rentable, Santiago de Compostela 2010

OBS Diseño Sostenible, Murcia, Spain 2010

Serifalis, Gexto, Workshop 2014 Re-designing the flag of Spain

School of Design La Rioja, Spain 2012 Re-designing the flag of Spain

Elisava School Barcelona, Master class, 2011

EASD, Valencia, Week Workshop 2010

SAN JOSE FID FESTIVAL, Workshop 2011 Re-designing original

Packs from Costa Rica

Mr. Marcel School, Madrid, Workshop, Re-designing the flag of Spain


Elephant Magazine 18, Interview about Eduardo by Astrid Stavro 2014

Curve Magazine Australia, Article about work

Shoping Design Korea nº 47, article about Eduardo wines

The Die Line, Studio Spotlight summer 2013, Studio Spoothlight

Diseño y Arquitectura Magazine, article about Lascala

Harper´s Bazaar, B page by Eduardo del Fraile 2012

What the pack Rusia, article 2014

Frame Rusia Magazine, The Tapas Wine Collection

Graffica, Article about New Web 2014

El Pais Magazine, Fine Wine and Bowl for Korea 2013

Graffica, Type Sounds article 2012

Eye Magazine, Summer 2010, reviewed by Simon Esterson, Wine Labels Book.

Interni Italia, The Tapas Wine Collection 2011

Design Bureau Chicago, article about Lascala Wine

Creative Review Magazine, Annual Design Edition, Ia Product

Wall Paper Magazine, Ia Toohpaste

Monocle Magazine, Ia packaging

On Diseño Madrid, Laus Awards article

Tu casa Magazine, Costa Rica Interview by Maria Montero 2010

La República Newspaper Costa Rica Nov 2011, Interview about Eduardo

Book Appetitte For Design, Eat Me, Victionary

Art Directors Annual 87, Page 100, 101

In Magazine, article about Soso by Aurora Radich

Novum Design Germany, Article about design Work

Magazine Revista Arte y diseño, Estudios de Diseño

Book The One Show Annual

New York Festivals Annual Book

Design plus Magazine France

365, China 2012

Etapes France & Spain

TreeHugger Article 2013

La Verdad Newspaper Murcia, Abecedario Fonético

La Opinion Newspaper Murcia, Primer Laus

Select, A,B,C,D,E,F,G more than 40 works publised

Editorial Made in Spain, Index Book

Logos made in Spain,1,2. Index Book

Wine Labels Book,

Simply Packaging, Victionary

Revista Visual. Soso

Elle Spain, Soso

Visual Magazine, article about work O de Oliva

Visual Magazine, Interview Alvaro Sobrino Editor, " ese señor de Murcia"

El Pais Newspaper, book Navaja Suiza by Xènia Viladàs

Pasajes de diseño, article about Abecedario Fonético

Designing the Brand Experience, Sendi Editorial

D&AD 4 Years publication book

On Diseño, Abecedario Fonético, Soso

Laus Book 2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013

Cdcec 2007 editions Book

Graphis Logo Design 7

Graphis Logo Design 8

Graphis Design 10

Graphis Annual Report

Graphis Design 9

Book Annual RedDot Design Germany, 3 editions

Type Directors Club Book Annual

Aiga Usa 365 Covers Annual Book

Pentawards Book 2

Pentawards Book 3

Communication Arts, Design Annual, O de Oliva

Designing the brand Experience, Sandu Editorial,243, 239,236,234, 070

DESIGN AWARDS OF EDUARDO as design director and creative director

The One Show

Gold Award Book design

Merit Award Annual Report

Merit Award Packaging

New York Festivals

Gold Packaging Soso Factory


Platinum Packaging Range

Gold Packaging

Silver Packaging

Silver Packaging

Silver Packaging Range

Bronce Packaging Range

Bronce Packaging Range

Type Directors Club



Nomination Package Design

In-book Package Design

In-book Stationery Design

In-book Package Range

In-book Annual Report


Platinum Logo Design

Platinum Logo Design Boina

Stationery Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Package Range

Package Range

Logo Design


Gold Annual Report

Bronce Packaging

Bronce Packaging

Bronce Packaging

Gourdman Awards

3 wine book of the world

HOW Design

Top Ten Eduardo del Fraile

Tokio Type Directors Club

Laus Award Poster

Wine Labels Book

AIGA USA 365 Covers

Book cover design

Creative Rewiew

Packaging design

Art Directors Club NY

Distintive Merit, Limited Edition Book

Distintive Merit, Book Jacket

Merit, Photography

Clio Awards

Bronce Book Design

Cannes Design Awards

Bronce Book Design

Shortlist Packaging design

Reddot Design

Best of the Best Book Design

Red-dot Stationery Design

Red-dot Book Design

Visual Editorial Madrid

Gold Best Covers Book

Gold Best Book of the year

Silver Brochure Design

Silver Brochure Design

Silver Book Design

Bronce Brochure Design

Bronce Book Design

Bronce Book Design

Bronce Book Design


ID Selection year Stationery Design

Best Pack Bcn

Gold Packaging

ADC*E Art directors club Europe





Laus Awards Barcelona

Honor Laus 2013

Gold, Naming

Gold Stationery Design

Gold Web Design of the year

Gold Web application

Gold Annual Report

Silver Identity Eduardo del Fraile

Silver Packaging

Silver Book

Silver Animation

Silver Logo Design

Silver Book Design

Silver Packaging Design

Silver Book Design

Silver Book Design

Silver Brochure

Silver Poster

Silver Packaging

Silver Brochure

Silver Postcards

Silver Packaging Range

Silver web

Silver Poster Design

Bronce Stand

Bronce Book

Bronce Poster

Bronce Brochure

Bronce Packaging

Bronce Poster

Bronce Identity

Bronce Identity

Bronce Web Design

Bronce Packaging

Bronce Web

Bronce Book Design

Bronce Stationery Design

Bronce Stationery Design

Bronce Stationery Design

Bronce Stationery Design

Bronce Animation

Bronce Animation

Bronce Book Design

Bronce logo

Bronce Identity

Bronce Book Design

Bronce Art Brochure

Bronce Art Brochure

Bronce Poster

Bronce Packaging

Bronce Packaging Range

Bronce Web

Bronce App

Bronce Animation

Bronce Animation

Bronce Logo Design

Bronce Book Design

Bronce Poster

Bronce web

Bronce Brochure

Bronce Poster


Tapas Spanish Design For Food, by Juli Capella, Ministerio de Cultura Spain, Miami, Washington, Tokio 2014

Tokio for the celebration of the 50 anniversary of the JPDA ( Japan Packaging Design Association)

Desigñ. Spanish Accent in Design, Enisa and Instituto Cervantes by Ramón Úbeda

Museo del Diseño Costa Rica. Solo Exhibition Eduardo del Fraile, 2012

20 of The Major Winners of the Pentawards Competitions, 2012

Múltiplos de 5 Creatividad Contemporanea de España, Santiago de Chile, Sevilla, Madrid, 2012/2013

Pentawards Packaging. Paris

Spanish accent in desigñ 2012

AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers Exhibit

Art Directors Club NY, 2010

I.D. Annual Design Review Exhibition in New York. Aiga Museum 2011

Berlin Red-dot Eshibition 2009/2010/2011

Spanish Design in Tokio. By Cul de Cac. 2010

Consume, Produce, Recicla. Círculo de Bellas Artes Madrid, 2011

Alimentaria Barcelona Best Pack, 2013

Type Directors Club 2012 New York, Annual Touring Exhibition, 2012

D&AD Annual Show 08/09/10/11, Annual Exhibition, 2002

Laus Annua Show Barcelona 07/08/09/10/11/12/13/14


Premis Laus 2014 Barcelona, Design

D&AD London 2010, Packaging & Physical Shape

Laus 2009 Barcelona, Design

ADGV Valencia 2009, Design

Select D Barcelona 2009, Design

Selected Europe A 2010, Design

Info Región de Murcia Design, 2008

Estrella de Levante 2013, Poster Design

Café Salzillo, the best cup, 2014

More than 5,000 days ago I founded my own studio. The idea was to work as an innovative and itinerant restaurant with few tables and a very carefully crafted menu in which I play the role of designer and creative director. I usually work accompanied by an assistant designer as well as with my sister Ana who manages the studio, making my life easier.

I resolve projects by taking a big-picture approach, from naming through to identity, packaging and product design, publishing projects, interactive projects and applications in spaces.

Experience has shown me that a graphic designer can work on a product with a very personal vision. In my case I call it a "symbolic product". I hope you enjoy this selection of projects as much as I enjoyed designing them.

“Eduardo del Fraile takes a direct approach that cuts through the diverse disciplines of design. He links good concepts with very synthetic and well developed formal systems using opposing, decontextualized and humanized elements. He has the ability to relate a strong concept to an argument that sustains the brand or the message to get across. He likes cooking design on a low flame, creating his own differentiating style.“

Xènia Viladàs

Saavedra Fajardo, 7 2.c
30001 Murcia

(+ 34) 968 21 18 24